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What We Do

E2 Walls, Inc., headquartered in Tampa, Florida,  manufactures economical and environmentally friendly, full height movable wall systems in our own 26,000 square foot facility. We deliver our products on our own trucks and install them with our own installation professionals. Our walls are durable enough to withstand demanding environments while giving you total flexibility to reconfigure your workspace to meet your business needs. Our systems can be used for executive and general offices, conference rooms, training facilities, storage areas, healthcare settings and more. Whether you need 10 feet or 10,000 linear feet of wall our products will meet your needs now and in the future. Our clients represent a broad range of industries including financial services, engineering and  technology firms, healthcare, government, education and defense contractors.

Service is our strength

Although we custom-build our own high-quality wall systems, we are really a service company. We begin by collaborating with your space designer to create a wall system that maximizes your workspace efficiency. Then we install our pre-finished, pre-engineered walls and components quickly and safely with minimal disruption to your employees and workflow. Our commitment to service does not end with the initial installation. As your business needs change over time, we can quickly reconfigure our wall systems to help you get the most from your office space.

We help you go green

member_gray As a member of the U.S. Green Building Council®, we are committed to helping you go green. Our reusable wall systems reduce the negative impact that conventional drywall construction can have on the environment. Plus, having our products in your building can help you achieve LEED certification.

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