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What the heck is a permanent movable wall anyway?

Whether you call them permanent, movable, relocatable or demountable, our walls may be the perfect solution for your office rather than conventional dry wall construction:
  • Using sturdy extruded aluminum ceiling tracks and floor runners, our full height wall systems allow total flexibility to efficiently reconfigure your workspace as your business needs change
  • Economical and environmentally friendly alternative to demolishing and replacing fixed drywall construction
  • Durable to withstand demanding environments
  • Designed for every aspect of a facility, including executive and general offices, conference rooms, training facilities, storage areas, healthcare settings and more
  • Beautiful vinyl, fabric or a custom finish; full height glass walls, clerestory or glass sidelights; including doors and hardware finished to your specifications
  • Our own installation professionals install and reconfigure your wall systems quickly and safely
  • Financial benefits include favorable depreciation compared to conventional construction, leasing, reusable and relocatable, rapid installation with minimal disruption and downtime, and impressive life cost savings